Body Piercing: Do's and Don'ts

Fed up of having to make a long journey into Plymouth or Exeter to get a new piercing? Well, we have your answer: Venus.

That’s right, Kim is our resident piercer. Anything from the belly button up! That gives you a lot of options. From a cartilage piercing to a septum, it’s all on offer. Although not as permanent (if you don’t want it to be) as a tattoo, it is still a procedure that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The wrong information given to Kim can hinder your healing time or being advised to cancel and rebook your appointment- something no one wants.


Follow our handy do’s and don’t’s to get the best piercing experience.


: Eat before you come to your appointment :

Give your body the boost it needs before your appointment. If you haven’t eaten you may feel a little faint or your body might react to the piercing. If in doubt, eat the chocolate bar pre-appointment!

: Remember your ID :

Kim is legally bound to ask for ID if she thinks you aren’t old enough. Don’t take offence, we’d rather check you can leave with a cool new piece of jewellery. If you aren’t old enough to come alone please bring a willing parent or guardian who can sit in with you and sign the paperwork.

: Have ideas :

It’s fine if you don’t know what piercing you want; there’s a lot of skin that can be pierced. And the names of all the different ear piercings can be confusing. We always have time to chat to our clients beforehand and if you have pictures it helps Kim narrow down what you’d like, what jewellery is best to use etc.



: Aftercare is important :

Kim will hand out an aftercare leaflet and we advise you to follow the steps to have the best chance of healing and preventing problems down the line. Your piercing must be kept clean, if it has a dressing on it, keep it on for 6-10 hours after and keep covered if active. Our bodies are natural healers, let it do it’s job and you’re unlikely to have problems with your piercings.


: Don’t touch! :

We mentioned above the importance of hygiene. Only touch your piercings with clean hands and only when your are cleaning the area. Besides that, leave it alone.

190516_piercing ages_guidelines.jpg

: Wait :

As much as you may want to change your jewellery over for something else give it time. Do not change your jewellery until the full healing period is up and the swelling has gone down. If in doubt book in with Kim. She can advise and a jewellery change is just £5.

: Say goodbye to chemicals :

Don’t use harsh chemicals on your skin; you wouldn’t under any other circumstance and this is no exception. This means no surgical spirit! If you are cleaning your piercing it’s as simple as Hibbi scrub or warm salty water.

: Beware of the hair :

Long hair can get tangled in ear piercings and you may catch your piercing if brushing/washing/styling your hair. Be wary and try and keep the area free.


: Don’t play with it :

Let it heal, gone are the days of needing to twist your piercings in order for them to heal.

: Try not to sleep on it :

It’s a simple one and it will helping the healing and swelling process.

If you have any questions feel free to chat to us in the salon or book a consultation with Kim. Want to just go for it? Do it! Kim is in the salon Tuesdays, Wednesdays and some Saturdays. Booking is advisable as Kim’s column get’s booked in advance: 01822 618282