Hannah Woodgates: Confidential Colours


Confidential Colours

2019 is about learning and expanding our knowledge, so first up Confidential Colours at Phab

Here at Venus we love to learn. Hair or beauty you are never at the very top- there is always new trends to keep abreast with, new techniques being adapted and it’s just fun to keep learning and growing our own skill sets.

So first up for 2019 was all about hair. And more excitingly the bright, bold colours. When we heard Hannah Woodgates Confidential Colours was coming we booked right away! With notepads ready at the ready, Kim spent the morning listening to Hannah’s knowledge and expertise while watching Hannah work to change her model’s hair. The outcome was beautiful, a great mauve/pink shade- and then it was Kim’s turn.


Kim put into practice Hannah’s teachings; using a head of babylights and finished with a toner mix t put some silver through her model’s hair. The result- fantastic shiny silver locks.

We couldn’t endorse the course enough it was a day filled with learning and Hannah’s teaching couldn’t be better. It’s always fantastic to click with a trainer and them to be so open in sharing their skills.

Our love of Milkshake products and some new techniques taught makes for an exciting time in the salon. So if you’re looking to add some colours to your hair or looking for a new stylist, book in for your free consultation with Kim today.


Contact the salon on 01822 618282. Kim is available in the salon Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.