Brand Favourite: Kim Lawless wax



The wax our beauty therapists couldn't wait to get their hands on is finally here.

Kim Lawless waxes; a delivery we were so excited to receive. Waxes that held so much promise that beauty therapists Kirsty and Sophie couldn't wait to trial.  

Kirsty has a long history with Kim Lawless, her skill and her talent. Safe to say Kirsty is a life long fan. It all started after Kirsty's initial waxing training, 11 years ago, feeling as though she could better her education further Kirsty sought out extra training- enter Kim Lawless.

So who is Kim Lawless? Kim Lawless is a highly skilled waxer whose goal was perfect her own technique to perform a more relaxing and pain-free Brazilian for men and women. Her passion and skill has seen her teach people from around the world. Not content with just teaching people her techniques, she recently launched her own range of waxes and trust us when we say they have been worth the wait.


Kirsty has also held the same opinions as Lawless; the quality of the wax makes all the difference. For years Venus has used top quality wax to get the best results but Kim's wax has been able to take us to another level again. As soon as we got that email saying 'in stock' we were there.

First up 'Curiosity Killed the Cat- The Mother of All Strip Waxes.' We love that the tin itself fits into our heaters so after its melted it's good to go- no need to decant. Both Kirsty and Sophie love the ease of application. It applies thinner than any other waxes and removes hair...


...on the first time. That's right- first time! No going over the same area of sensitive skin.


And then there's the hot wax 'Cockney Rebel- Damn Fine Hot Wax.' Just like the strip wax it applies thinner and this hot wax sets immediately and removes all hair types. This means less time for you, great if you're busy and/or a nervous waxer.

Our favourite thing since using these waxes is our client's experiences. They love how quick and painless it is. We've all been waxed, even with the most talented beauty therapists it's not always the most pleasant experience, but with Kirsty and Sophie and the Kim Lawless waxing products we can definitely make it a more enjoyable appointment. We love that we can bring a better experience to our clients with a no prolonged pain and sting, we say that's a win win!


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