What is Microblading?


Microblading is taking the beauty world by storm

But what exactly is it and should I be booking in for that all important appointment. See our recent post for all the Q & As you may have always had.

Microblading and semi permanent make up has grown prominence over the last couple years but we’re still asking the big question, what actually is microblading? In short, it’s about your eyebrows. And anyone who has spent years filling in their brows, making the look fuller, then microblading might just be what you’ve been looking for. Our specialist Kim talks us through what different procedures she does, help you to choose what is right for you.

Venus: What is microblading?

Kim: Microblading was originally called eyebrow embroidery is a non permanent method of drawing hair strokes onto the brows to fill in gaps helping t reconstruct sparse, thin or barely there brows.


V: How is it done?

K: The strokes are done by hand with an embroidery tool. I work specifically in the the skin to give you a temporary embroidery finish or a semi permanent finish which lasts up to 12-18 months.

V: Is the colourant harmful?

K: The pigments used are naturally plant based and non iron oxide so they do not change colour, they simply fade as your skin renews. I also only go ahead with your appointment if you have had a positive result to the patch test, i.e. no reaction at all.

V: Tell us about microshading…

K: It basically takes your microblading to the next level. It is also known as ombre brows. This treatment gives you natural hair like strokes with the added effect of powder underneath the skin.

V: Do you do eyelashes?

K: Yes, both eyelash enhancement and lash liner.

Eyelash enhancement is created using the soft tap method. The lashes are filled in at the base along the lash line, it creates a similar look to filling in between your lashes with liner or eyeshadow. Same as microblading, the pigments used are naturally plant based and do not change colour or fade.

For your favourite eyeliner look, booki in or lash liner, again done using the soft tap method.

V: What is the soft tap method?

K: It’s just another technique used to create your look and is an American brand of pigment and needles.


V: And you also do lip liner?

K: Yes and lip blush. Essentially, a natural lip stain is created in the lip colour you most like to wear. It’s a very natural concept, with no hard lines, the treatment is created by hand with no machines and the result is a beautiful, natural lip stain.


V: What if people got bored of the colour they chose though?

K: It lasts months, not years meaning it gives you the chance to change your lip colour regularly.

V: Will any of the treatments hurt?

K: All methods are done by hand, so no machines. The area is numbed as well so there should be very little discomfort.

Kim is available in the salon on Wednesdays and Thursdays, contact reception on 01822 618282 to book your free consultation and appointments.