All About That Base


All About that Base

No treble keeping this tan topped up despite the winter blues.

There’s a definite chill in the air, hat and coats are coming out of storage and those dark evenings are creeping in. The long, hot summer that was filled with BBQs and sunbathing seem long gone and that tan is fading quicker than you can say goodbye Pimms!

But fear not, here at Venus we can keep that tan going strong, that people will be asking if you’ve had a winter break.


We’ve all heard the fears that surround sun showers and we’ve debunked some of the myths on the blog before.

Or ethos when it comes to the sun shower is moderation and safety. We always advise to go on for fewer minutes until you are use to it/know the strength/have built a base and never allow more than 9 minute sessions. We also never let clients have back to back sessions, there always has to be a full 48 hour gap.

But now the serious stuff is out the way, let’s talk about one of our favourite products to use on the sun shower.
We love a good lotion; great for those problem dry spots- elbows, knees etc. and this lotion also helps to accelerate your tan. So can you picked up your bottle of All About That Base?

It’s so simple to use; just apply before getting in the sun shower and voila. It’s fantastic because it works with you to accelerate your tan- no extra fake tan which means you don’t have to be precise in applying your lotion and no tanning streaks!

Full of skin firming agents but no nasty parabens this is why we love it as a pre-tan product.

Available in 280ml bottles and sachets from the salon. Keep your bottles here and we’ll attach your names- always ready for when you want to get your glow on.

Limited time only 2 for 1 on all Pro Tan sachets.