Here at Venus we like to take time over the products we use. We want them to be tried and tested, and ultimately, the best for your hair. Our newest product to hit our shelves at the salon is Milkshake's Integrity Incredible Oil.

Now, people will know how much we love the Incredible Milk. 12 types of protection for the hair; Incredible Milk is fantastic for thick hair, swimmers, for protection against heat, protection against UV rays, the list goes on.

Milkshake's Incredible Oil is a leave in conditioner that protects hair from heat such as blow drying and styling tools like straighteners and wands. By apply the oil it helps to seal the cuticle and put nourishment back into the hair. Any hair product that helps prevent spilt ends and leave hair shiny is a winner to us.


Although suitable for all hair types we love that those of you with fine hair can also benefit. It doesn't leave a heavy residue in your hair, instead it keeps it light and manageable. Full of organic argan oil, shea butter, organic muru muru butter and vitamin e there is nothing but goodness in these bottles.

Simply apply evenly over clean, damp hair and then style as usual. As always with Milkshake products a little goes a long way, but we think you will be queuing up for before your first bottle even empties!