F.A.Q: Bridal Hair & Beauty


Take a look at our F.A.Qs for all your hair & beauty needs this wedding season.

Wedding season is truly underway and we know how much brides have to think about and just how much is on their to do lists. When it comes to hair and beauty you may have thought about it a lot or not at all. We thought we'd help you out with F.A.Q for bridal hair and beauty.

Will my hair be long/thick enough?

There is always a way to create the look you want; from adding hair to back combing. We've had brides come in with short hair but leave with an up do that looks as if their hair reaches their shoulders. 


John specialises in Great Lengths hair extensions.

If you are worried your hair may not be long or thick enough then book in for a consultation with John. Great Length's hair extensions can do wonders for your hair.

Should I wash my hair the morning of the wedding?

You know you're hair type, some hair does need washing everyday, however, it is always best to do a hair up with a bit of grip. For this reason we always say it's best to wash your hair the day before the wedding.

Do I have to stick to a classic french manicure?

In short, no. There are so many different options nowadays which won't make your nails stick out if you still want a more subtle colour. Our brides tend to go for nudes and added glitter but we have recently had a bride choose bright red to tie in with her theme. The choice is yours and with over 100 Gelish colours to choose from you won't be stuck for ideas.


Glitter party!

Glitter is the new French

I've heard facials are great to have in the lead up
to the big day?

Facials before a wedding are fantastic as they will help to keep your skin at its best before the day. If you can you should be aiming for a facial once a month for 6 months before the big day; and as the day drawers nearer perhaps go to a weekly schedule. 

If you are coming for your first facial ever just a few days before the wedding, be careful. Facials are designed to draw the nasties from your face and so could cause potential irritation or blemishes.

I want a healthy glow for my wedding, how can I achieve this? 

Here at Venus there are 2 ways to get that perfect tan; by using our sunshower and/or by booking in for a spray tan. Using the sunshower is about creating a natural tan and so this will take planning as it all depends on how quickly your skin tans. Start with a session of 3 minutes and then build up.




Using the sunshower is about creating a natural tan and so this will take planning as it all depends on how quickly your skin tans. Start with a session of 3 minutes and then build up.

Our spray tan is an instant colour; make sure you follow our top tips to get the most out of your tan. We recommend you coming in at least 3 days before your wedding to get the best look.

There are loads of ways to make planning and your day in the salon more relaxing. Just remember our top tips for the best experience.

:: Bring pictures with you but bare in mind this might not be the finished outcome. Everybody's hair, nails, skin tone, face is different and so what might suit one may not be feasible or suit another. 

:: Feel comfortable; of course your wedding day means you will be looking a bit more glam but make sure you are 100% happy. You want your make up to be flawless and last and so this might mean applying it heavier than usual, but stick to colours you know work for you. If anything is too OTT and different and you aren't 100% then we will feel uncomfortable for the day and it will show. You want to feel at ease for the day.

:: Book that post wedding massage; trust us when we say it's the perfect way to unwind. Couples massages are available as well.

:: Have your bridesmaids carry provisions; extra bobby pins, hairspray, your lipstick for the day. That way you can freshen up throughout the day.

:: Enjoy! You will have spent a long time planning it, hair and beauty is the final step before the bug 'I Do's' so enjoy, pop the bubbly and start the day as you mean to go. 



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