Struggle to keep your mane in tact? Hide your hair at even the smallest hint of moisture in the air? You are not alone; frizz effects the majority of us all year. We can't stop our hair from loving frizz but we can help banish it with these top tips.

Treat Yourself. Here at Venus Beauty & Hair we have a range of treatments to help control and manage frizz. As well as the full Keratin Complex treatment we also have Keratin Complex shots. Keratin Complex Vitalshot works from within the hair to fill in gaps where keratin has been depleted, targeting the weak areas and working to make hair stronger and more resilient. It repairs the bonds, or links, between keratin molecules in the hair, thus reinforcing and protecting it from the inside out. Simply put on the hair before it is blow dried and styled.

We also have a range of hair mask treatments, including our new range from Moroccan Oil. 4 treatment are available, all of the catering for different hair types. Scalp balance, restorative, smoothing and hydrating- there is bound to be one with your name on. These treatments can be standalone or added to your appointment. When you book, make sure you ask for a conditioning treatment; frizzy hair or not your hair will thank you for it.

Use a serum. Serums are great to use before and after styling as a way to eliminate frizz. Milkshake's Glistening Serum helps protect the hair from heat before you dry and style your hair. It also smooths the hair cuticle, adding extreme shine and smoothness.


 For more protection against frizz, finish your look off with Milkshake's Glistening Spray. It gives shine, eliminates static electricity and improves manageability; it gives smoothness and helps to maintain the hair's moisture balance.

Use the right equipment. There are a range of brushes that will help to banish frizz while you style. A paddle or round brush is great to use when you blow dry your hair. Also, by attaching the nozzle on to your hairdryer it will help control the frizz as you dry the hair.

Turn down the heat. We say this a lot when looking after the condition of your hair. High heat settings on your styling devices can cause your hair cuticles to swell. By bringing the temperature down it can help control the frizz.