Milkshake Summer Party 2017: Albufeira, Portugal


Venus visit Albufeira

Team Venus visit Albufeira and see what the Milkshake creatives have been up to.

Everyone loves the sun, sea and cocktail or two, and when you can incorporate that blazing heat that seems to avoid Devon each year, it's even better. As a Milkshake salon, Venus Beauty & Hair are lucky enough to be invited to their end of summer party each year. Last year it was a trip to Alicante, this year saw the hair stylists (and co.) hit up Albufeira. Milkshake greet us with a 2-day event consisting of a gala dinner and a BBQ evening. 

Opening night saw us attend the hair gala. A chance for us to dress up, eat good food and be entertained by a hair show. The show was a huge upgrade from the year before and it kept us thoroughly entertained. Fast, quick and dynamic; they took the theme of the 1970s and took their interpretations of the era. 


The show had a fun party vibe and it was interesting to see the use of colours and cuts to achieve each style. Some where very much for the show- we can't picture a calling in Tavistock for denim or CDs to be incorporated to our client's hair- but for the sake of the show it was a nice effect. 

The 70s theme was broken down into sections: punk, disco and Blue Velvet (Milkshake's latest colour range). Each set had it's own portrayal of the trend, with great costumes and even better music.


70s Punk

Designed by Milkshake's creative
team for the gala event on our first
night in Portugal.

After the show there was time to network with other salons; bounce around questions, ideas and product knowledge. We also got to talk to some of the Milkshake's Brand Ambassadors including Shelley Pengilly.


Our final night saw us all get together again for the disco themed BBQ. John did the 70s proud- patterned shirt: check, flares: check, huge hair: check, silver heels: check, check and check! The rest of Team Venus went for a more mellow look. With views out to the sea and conversation flowing it was a good end to the few days with spent with other Milkshake salons. 


But don't you worry, it wasn't all work and no play. We made sure to make use of our time wisely. You don't go to Portugal to not lap up the beautiful weather and local hospitality.

Milkshake always picks great hotels to host their event and this year was no different. After arriving into Faro it was just a short ride to the Grande Real Santa Eulalia. Upon arriving we were greeted by the most beautiful view- the ocean.

Access to the beach, goodies from Concept on arrival to our apartment and a very long cocktail menu there wasn't anything not to enjoy.


Welcome to Portugal

This view, that sun and a Venus cocktail hour, the perfect arrival.

As well as the shows and the extra talks we also had some time to let our hair down. For us this included some very cold swims in the sea, laying out in the sun and our personal favourite; a boat trip to see the caves, coastline and the dolphins.


A high speed boat collected us and radioed the call to where best to spot the dolphins and they delivered. We saw a huge pod of them. From the boat we watched them swim, jump, squeak; it was a very magical moment for the team, one that won't be forgotten anytime soon. As much as we could have watched the dolphins all day we had to continue with the trip. Our ride back into the town including touring the coastline. It was amazing to see all the hidden beaches, the amazing houses and a different view of Portugal that we had seen in Albufeira.

We couldn't fault this trip, a perfect balance of learning, networking and the opportunity to reconnect as a team. The salon is a busy place with us often quickly saying hello to each other before the next client is in. So to just sit in the sunshine and catch up, to chat about what's happening in each others lives and also chat about nothing at all. So here's to the next work trip, wherever it may be.