Thinking waxing is the worst?

Follow our top tips to see why it can be a great experience.

With John's wax off only a week away we thought the timing was perfect to give you (and John) our top tips for waxing, before, during and after. Follow these top tips and after care procedures to get the best possible results.

Exfoliate. Exfoliate before your waxing appointment to help lift any ingrown hairs.

No to moisturiser. Don't apply moisturiser on the day of your waxing. 


There can be sensitivity. Please be aware of sensitivity due to certain times of the month, lack of sleep or stress.

Take a breath. Relax- it really will be over before you know it.

Stay out of the water. Do not go swimming at least 24 hours after waxing because you have open/exposed skin where the roots have come out; by swimming it can cause irritation and sometimes infection.

If you have any additional questions please just ask. You can book your appointments with Kirsty and Sophie by calling the salon on 01822 618282.