Keep your lashes for longer

Flirties lash kits are the perfect companion to keep your lashes pristine in between appointments.

Our Flirties lash pack is the perfect aftercare collection to keep your lashes looking pristine. With the right care from the off, Kirsty's clients manage to get at least 4 weeks out of them before having to rebook for their infills. 

Each pack includes:

- Eyelash & brow cleanser -

Apply to lashes or brows with your pink wand (included), use a pea sized amount and mix with water to form a soapy consistency.

- Oil free make up remover -

Be careful what make up remover you use with lash extensions. Oil based make up can break the bonds of the glue, leaving you without your extensions. The Flirties make up remover can be used daily for safe removal of make up whilst wearing lash extensions. Use with lash cleanser wands (included) to clean right near the lash line.

Our lash packs are available at Venus now!