Dread the idea of waxing? Fear it's too painful? Struggle with sensitive skin? Venus Beauty and Hair holds the answer!

We only use the best quality wax in the salon which includes Cirepil along with Kim Lawless. It is the quality of this wax which we think helps make your waxing appointment a better experience.  We also pre treat the skin with jasmine oil before the wax is placed on your body which also makes it more comfortable. But still, the struggle can be real and we know that some of our client's still dread their appointment due to their own sensitivity. 

Client approved

Don't take our word for it, it's a favourite amoung clients too.


For this we recommend Cirepil pre wax cooling gel. Simply apply to your skin 45 minutes before your appointment. It really is as simple as that, apply and let the gel do the rest. It contains calmosensine and menthol which helps to desensitise, sanitise and refresh the skin. This is a great solution for those with sensitive skin, leaving you to attend your appointment and be pain free.

Cirepil pre wax cooling gel is available at Venus now.
For waxing appointments contact the salon on 01822 618282.