Winter's here and the heating is on and this can cause havoc with your skin. The constant changes in temperature, central heating, the wind, even tights (!) can all contribute to dry skin.  Follow our top tips and abolish dry skin this season.

Hydration. Hydration. Hydration. H2O is the number one tip to protect your skin and to keep it from drying out. By keeping hydrated you are helping your skin to get the moisture it needs.

Invest in a good body lotion. Our favourite for dry skin is Moor Spa's Replenishing Body Lotion. The lotion contains moor water, lavender and bergamot oil, all of which help enhance skin tone while deep nourishing and moisturising the skin. Stock available to buy here at Venus, but be warned we're selling out fast.

Book that massage. Your body is absorbing the natural oils whilst you are having a massage which helps with dry skin. So why not treat yourself on a grey winter's day to an afternoon of pampering with a massage with Kirsty or Sophie.

Gloves! Gloves! Gloves! Gloves are not only a great way to stay warm but they also protect the skin and nails from drying and becoming brittle- invest in a pair today!