Hello and welcome to our new Brand Favourite feature. We will be taking an in depth look to the brands that we love and what helps our salon become us.

In our first instalment we're taking a look at Milkshake. For those of you who don't know know, we use Milkshake in the hair salon. From our colours and shampoos to our styling- Milkshake is currently top of the list for us.

Here we tell you a bit more about the brand originated and why we like it so much.

Milkshake is one the brands behind Concept. The brands philosophy is simple: use the power and beauty of nature to achieve gorgeous hair for all occasions. 

It's this philosophy that we love so much; it's stripping it back down to basics (both through branding and the products themselves) with its ethos firmly based on condition. Restoring and maintaining excellent condition of the hair from start to finish. And that's just the start of what we love...


Milkshake's products tend to compliment each other and work really well alongside each other. Products don't tend to cancel each other out. For example, you could easily use the daily shampoo alongside the colour care conditioner. You wouldn't have to use the shampoos exact counterpart to still achieve great results. You really can mix and match to get the right products to suit your hair type.

The range is compact without lacking in areas. They have a range for blondes, for people who have never coloured their hair, for people who have always coloured their hair, for those who just want to style it, the list goes on.

Because their range is smaller than other well known brands it means that each product release is well thought out. Product development isn't rushed just because something else might already be out on the market. This lack of pressure for the brand and commitment means they are able to lead the way with their quality and expertise. 



At Venus we hold the smoothies, permanents and direct colours of Milkshake's colours. Our stylists have had brilliant results using these with their clients. It's kind on the hair for the clients and kind on the hands for our stylists using them day in and day out. The finished results create an amazing shine for clients and stylists to see. Another bonus? The smell you often associate with hair dye? It's not there!




The packaging is on point. Playing to its philosophy of nature and basics; its simple to read and has a clean feel about it. Its this fresh look that ties in with the company so nicely. Its a nice product that draws you in with its minimal design. It makes our salon, and client's bathrooms, look smart.

- TECH -

In and out of the salon, front and back of house, we find Milkshake brilliant. Their Facebook and Instagram always serve up great inspiration, their website is easy to navigate and for the stylists, the support system is second to none. If opinions and extra knowledge is needed it really is just a phone call away.


We don't think so. We love this bad, it's ideas, products and the results it has brought to our clients. Book your appointments and consultations with our hair stylists today on 01822 618282 or swing by the salon for a chat and to pick up your retail.

We love being a Milkshake premier salon, using their products on the salon floor and our clients taking the product home. Stop by the salon for your shampoos, conditioners, styling products and appointments.