November's here and we know we're in for a long winter but that doesn't mean we will escape the sun! Here at Venus, we offer sessions of 3,6 or 9 minutes to get that blast of heat. A few minutes to close your eyes and pretend your on that island somewhere in the sun.

Sun showers have come a long way since they first were on the market. They help with mental and physical ailments you may have and are much safer than they were before. For more information please read our blog post here.

So if you've choose to take the step and decided to come in and use our sunshower here are some handy tips to help.

Use the right products. All our products at Venus are Pro Tan. A company that produce lotions specifically for the sun shower. The range includes pre and post sun shower lotions, helping to protect, moisturise, accelerate and prolong your tan. Choosing the right products will help your skin and your tan.

Take off all jewellery and tie your hair up. You don't want to come away with unnecessary tan lines.

Know your skin type. Here at Venus we advise you start low (3 minutes) and build up (9 minutes). By building a base and growing it nicely over time you are protecting your skin from potentially burning. If you have just returned from a 2 week trip to the Caribbean, then the chances are you can start off on a higher minute session as you have already created a base for yourself. Only you know your skin type. We can advise and help but you must make the decision on what will keep you safe.



Always wear your eye protection. You wouldn't stare directly at the sun would you? We hope not. Closing your eyes is not enough to protect your eyes from the UV rays and it could damage your retina and eyesight. Every time you use the sunshower at Venus you will be given the appropriate eye wear, please use them. 

Sunday Funday

The sun shower is available Tues-Sat.